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URBCOMP007 Ibized 2015 by David Penn


Track list

01.-David Penn “Back Again”

02.-HOSSE “Uno”

03.-Goza & Lizzie Curious “Back To You”

04.-SP1DER “The Hype”

05.-2LOVERS ft. Sanna Hartfield “Nobody”

06.-Obtus & Otto Manz “Feeling Better”

07.- David Penn “The Chord”

08.- Jochen Pash feat. Josée Hurlock “I Feel For You” (Original Mix)

09.-David Penn, Rober Gaez & Rae – I Lift My Hands (Original Mix)

10.-Rober Gaez ‘Forget You’ (Original Mix)

11.-Marc Vedo ft. Mila Falls ‘I Wanna Know’ (Original Mix)

12.-David Penn & Rober Gaez – Non Stop Rockin’ (Original Mix)

13.-Hardsoul & Ben Delay ft. Katie Costello “Shadowplay” (Hardsoul Mix)

14.-Deux ‘What I Like’ feat. Sheilah Cuffy (Original Mix)


IBIZED returns for 2015 with new collection of sexy house gems with a true authentic Spanish flavour.  Compiled by Spanish DJ & producer David Penn. IBIZED 2015 perfectly captures the islands musical feel. From the moment you press play the sound of summer floods the speakers. The vibe is pure clubbers paradise, all about the best house music you will find on the White Isle and beyond.  IBIZED 2015 features new and exclusive tracks from the Urbana stable with David Penn, Hosse,  SP1DER , Gozze & Lizzie Curious, 2 Lovers and Obtus & Otto Manz laying down a delectable selection quality new house cuts plus the added joy of a smorgasbord of tunes that have appeared so far this year including tracks by Jochen Pash, Marc Vedo, Hardsoul and the inimitable Deux, the beat goes on.IBIZED 2015 is collection of the hottest uplifting house tunes from SS015.

Release Date

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